poetry& creative writing workshop

‘By the Universe deserted,
she’d tell it to go to hell,
and she’d find a body of water,
or a mirror, on which to dwell.’

Those enigmatic yet strangely powerful lines are by Elizabeth Bishop, one of the main American voices in poetry of the twentieth century: a traveller, a lover, lesbian, word-smith, Pulitzer-prize winner. A poet.

We will read Bishop’s poem ‘The moon in the bureau mirror’, and explore its meanings and literary workings in the first half of the workshop. In the second half, we will use the poem as a springboard to get writing ourselves, and look through the mirror into the lunar reflection inside each of us. 

  • Saturday, 28 January, at 6pm at my cosy home in Moabit
  • Sunday, 29 January, 11am via Zoom
  • duration: 60 minutes (maximum 90 if we chat)
  • this workshop is for free. 🙂 
  • sign-up via email: florence.hazrat@gmail.com

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