women in love  ~Reading Women, Writing Women ~ For thousands of years, love poetry has been written by men for women. For hundreds of years, that’s what students learn at school and university, and what we read on cards or in poetry collections. That story is a lie. Women have always loved. Women have always […]


poetry& creative writing workshop ‘By the Universe deserted,she’d tell it to go to hell,and she’d find a body of water,or a mirror, on which to dwell.’ Those enigmatic yet strangely powerful lines are by Elizabeth Bishop, one of the main American voices in poetry of the twentieth century: a traveller, a lover, lesbian, word-smith, Pulitzer-prize […]


Detailed dscription below poster. Two faces doesn’t always mean two-faced: in ancient Rome, the god Janus sported one head with two faces, one looking backwards, the other forwards. This double-posture was a symbol of transitions, passages, beginnings and endings, frames, changes, and gates. That’s why, people would put an image or little figurine of the […]