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Exclamation Point, Exclamation Mark - Potato Potato?
Exclamation Point, Exclamation Mark – Potato Potato? What’s in a name? Juliet asks, continuing...
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Spooky Punctuatiooooooon!
spooooky punctuatiooooon! Today is the 31st of October, so it’s that very special time of year. It’s...
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! in titles
shouty titles!!! What’s the easiest way to get attention? Slab a ! at the end of your words. Preferably...
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Ready for Rish? How ! can get you the job. Or not.
Ready for rish? How ! can get you the job. or not. Three Prime Ministers within three months (two months,...
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Is this the worst? Well, it's certainly great semicolon use!
Is this the worst? Well, it’s certainly great semicolon use! Shakespeare’s infamously hopeless...
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Of Faces and Fonts
of faces and fonts I gave a paper yesterday at Geneva University where I did a postdoc on Shakespeare...
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hyphen 1
Hyphen Confusion - Or Should That Be Hyphen-Confusion?
Hyphen Confusion (or should that be ‘hyphen-confusion’?) Recently, our old neglected friend...
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Signs of Resistance: Punctuation Politics in Nineteenth-Century Arabic
Signs of Resistance: punctuation politics in nineteenth-century arabic I recently introduced myself to...
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The Early Modern What-d’ye-call-it Hyphen, Part 2
In a previous post, I wrote about how we are using fewer and fewer hyphens these days. But going...
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bridget jones
Hear ye, hear ye, Greengrocer’s, breathe a sigh of relief
hear ye, hear ye, Greengrocer’s, breathe a sigh of relief August saw a lot of things the world...
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nun penis
Penis Punctuation
penis punctuation Just a nun, picking some penis for lunch. Yes, yes, I know.  The title is click-baity...
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Crassly Stupid: Welcome to the World of Grammar (and Rhetoric)
crassly stupid: welcome to the world of grammar (and rhetoric) A while ago, at the end of May or beginning...
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Still Library Isolated: Another Punctuation Book Review 
still library isolated: another punctuation book review Libraries are open now, that is, you can go pick...
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Book Review of a Book on Books
book review of a book on books Since punctuation goes together with both technologies of writing and...
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The McLuhan Galaxy: Punctuation as Massage
the mcluhan galaxy: punctuation as massage Last week, I was thinking about punctuation that is authorial...
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sad hands
‘A sad hand at your punctuation’: If writer’s don’t care, why should we?
‘A sad hand at your punctuation’: if writers don’t care, why should we? When I lived...
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question mark
Back to Basics: What is Punctuation?
back to basics: what is punctuation? I’ve been working on an encyclopaedia entry on punctuation in literature...
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oxford comma
Nelson Mandela the Dildo Collector? The Importance of Proper Listing
It’s funny how we can get hung up on (seemingly?) small things: I often hear language isn’t logical,...
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brilliant club
The Scandalization of Punctuation: Dot. Dot. Dot.
Back in early autumn last year, I came across the Brilliant Club, a charity which sends researchers into...
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Splendid Isolation Book Two: Punctuation and Progress
As we continue social distancing from others and working at home in our pyjamas (welcome to the life...
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