tutoring I am offering tutoring in the following areas: German language and literature Telc exam preparation for German one-off training for German citizenship test English literature Cambridge University application training German Language  * individual and small group classes (maximum 4) * from beginner to advanced * special focus on speaking or grammar boosters * 45 […]


on nothing. IMAGINEWEDSTILLWRITEWITHOUTSPACESLIKEBACKINTHEDAYSOFTHEGREEKSANDROMANSTEXTWOULDBESOHARDTOREADANDTAKELONGTODECIPHER This is pretty cumbersome to read. Where does one word start and another end? And yet this was precisely how text looked like for a very long time. No differences between upper and lower case, no punctuation, and (shriek!) no spaces between the words to tell where one started and another ended. […]


ma(r)king time It’s the end of April and technically, it’s supposed to be a time for planting and growing seeds into seedlings, in order to see them flourish into proud young plants in the merry month of May. Sure, April was always going to be moody and fickle, offering us sun, rain, hail, thunder, snow, […]


book rec klaxon! It’s dreamy, it’s gorgeous, and it’s precisely what you need if you’re feeling like slowing down and taking it all in quietly. What “it” is? I have no idea, but it’s there anyway. It’s Plainsong by Kent Haruf. A dear friend came to visit me last month (looking at you, stranger!), and she […]


Hurray! It’s exclamation day! Last week, we celebrated international Women’s Day, today it’s *drum roll*… Yes, NATIONAL EXCLAMATION POINT DAY today! 13 March! That’s ! Day in the US, at least according to a bit of a random website. I haven’t been able to track whether it’s legit, and who proposed it, and to what […]


What’s in a name? THAT A BRACKET BY ANY OTHER NAME WOULD SECTION MATTER OFF? So, here’s a secret about me… ! isn’t actually my favourite sign. I love it, but no. My favourites are (and I’m not ashamed to say so) BRACKETS! Or parentheses, depending from which side of the Atlantic you’re reading. Brackets (I […]


what’s love got to do with emojis??? Yep, that’s exactly what it is. Valentine’s Day. If you’ve found your lover, you can stop reading now (okay, not really – maintenance!). If you’re still looking, keep on reading: the following may be highly pertinent information for you! A well-placed emoji or exclamation mark (both!) can make […]


fortnightly writing workshops ~self-healing through journalling ~ Sticks and stones, as the proverb says, can break my bones, but words can never hurt me.  This is, of course, untrue. Words can hurt enormously — and they can heal. People have known this since time began: in ancient Egypt, pictures on pyramid walls show a healer […]


women in love  ~Reading Women, Writing Women ~ For thousands of years, love poetry has been written by men for women. For hundreds of years, that’s what students learn at school and university, and what we read on cards or in poetry collections. That story is a lie. Women have always loved. Women have always […]


poetry& creative writing workshop ‘By the Universe deserted,she’d tell it to go to hell,and she’d find a body of water,or a mirror, on which to dwell.’ Those enigmatic yet strangely powerful lines are by Elizabeth Bishop, one of the main American voices in poetry of the twentieth century: a traveller, a lover, lesbian, word-smith, Pulitzer-prize […]