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Two faces doesn’t always mean two-faced: in ancient Rome, the god Janus sported one head with two faces, one looking backwards, the other forwards. This double-posture was a symbol of transitions, passages, beginnings and endings, frames, changes, and gates. That’s why, people would put an image or little figurine of the god above their doorway, hoping for blessings as they passed from the safety of their homes to the infinite but dangerous possibilities of the outside. 

Protectors of the threshold belong to the pantheon of deities in many cultures, from the Indian god of beginnings, entrances, and enterprises Ganesha to the Chinese god Menshen, presiding over physical and temporal doors, the home and the start of the new year.

Thresholds are a vulnerable place and time to find oneself in: we are moving out of one condition, one state of being, into another; not that anymore, and still not quite yet that other. The workshop Thresholds: Teleasing the Old Year, Welcoming in the New provides that protected space for you to explore the liminal time between the end of the outgoing year and the beginning of the incoming. Through a series of linked writing exercises, we will reflect on experiences in 2022 big and small, allowing us to release them and make space for what 2023 brings. We will also identify wishes and desires in writing for the approaching year, in order to position ourselves for creating and receiving what there is for us to have.

This workshop invites you to take out time for yourself, to pause on the threshold as you look into the past and the future at the same time. Just like Janus.

  • Friday, 30 December, 7pm at my cosy home in Moabit
  • Saturday, 31 December, 11am via Zoom
  • duration: 60 minutes (maximum 90 if we chat)
  • workshops are donation-based, so you can contribute whatever seems right to you & is within your means 🙂 
  • sign-up via email:


  • You will identify & articulate pinpointed experiences of 2022 through creative engagement.
  • You will formulate in words and visualise experiences & feelings you wish to have in the coming year.
  • You will develop a more nuanced vocabulary for emotions, aiding in processing and creating them.
  • You will have space to share your writing & exchange with others in the safe space of the workshop (if you wish; there is no requirement to share).

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