~ Workshops ~

New year, new workshops & courses! I’m offering an eight-weeks course on women writing about love for women writing about love (and other things). For more information click here.

There are also on-going drop-in therapeutic journalling sessions every week. For information click here.

Both course and journalling are offered face-to-face as well as online through zoom.

Feedback from Previous Participants

  • “Thank you for the space. Having had other writing workshops, this one felt really special.”
  • “It’s not easy to carve up time and space for well-being in the day to day. This workshop allowed me to do that.”
  • “Opening up freely makes you connected to others but also to some parts of you which are unreachable”
  • “I heard a new voice inside  and I like to listen to it more.”
  • “It’s been a while since I logged into my creativity.”
  • Writing for wellbeing “feels really therapeutic and healing.” 
  • “It felt very comfortable with you and the others; a safe space with trust.”
  • I like that “you guided us to go more focus, more in depth, and also more challenging than writing on my own. And I liked the energy and sharing you get with a group.”
  • “It was my first writing workshop ever and I really had a great time and found it fruitful. I was a bit concered I’d be uncomfortable to share or have difficulties writing ‘on demand’ but everything was smooth and natural. You brought a great energy to the group and the way you organized the session and the exercises was both professional and hearty.”

on demand

Did you know that the Hamlet we watch today is not the Hamlet Shakespeare wrote? Have you always wanted to write, but never knew how to start?

I’m offering two kinds of workshops based on my expertise: you can book me for a conversation about Renaissance literature and culture, or we can work together on your creative writing

Check out the info below, and get in touch for a chat about what you’d like to know, and where you’d like to get.

book a researcher

Are you looking for that special gift to someone who already has enough of everything? Or are you just fascinated by Shakespeare and his life and times, and can’t get enough?

Here’s the perfect gift to yourself or a loved-one: I come to your home, and give you a talk and workshop on any aspect of Renaissance history, literature, and culture. I’ve been a researcher in that field for 12 years – ask away!

Book a Researcher” is a brain child I’ve developed since spending hours and hours telling friends about what I do. They kept asking questions, and I kept answering, sparking new questions for them. Time flew, and at 2.am, we laughed, and they said they’d like to book me for their dad’s birthday. And so they did.

What you will get

A personalised talk & workshop on Renaissance history, literature, and culture in the comfort and privacy of your own home. 

Duration: 2-3 hours.

Costs: Donation-based.
Contact me for customised suggestions.

Get in touch for the programme or tailor-made sessions. The Renaissance is my speciality, but I have also worked on Old English literature (Beowulf!), medieval literature, the eighteenth century, and Jane Austen. 


Everybody can write. It’s a skill just like any other that we can learn. In fact, it’s a skill we have to learn. I’ve had a long writing apprenticeship! Seven years of studies, plus years of writing for a scholarly audience. And the learning never stops

I’ve read a witty observations by a writer somewhere that hits the nail on the head: “I only write when I am inspired. And I make sure I’m inspired at 9am every morning.”

I’m here to help you get inspired. Let’s demystify writing together!leo.

Creative Consultancy

Individual Sessions

Group Sessions

Do you have a text that you’re stuck with? A project that you don’t know how to start? Academic, professional, or otherwise, I’ll help you get going, and find those ideas and expressions that are exactly right. 

There are plenty of ways to get our creative juices flowing, and none better than one-to-one sessions. Be it therapeutic self-writing, descriptive essays, or fiction – let’s work together on putting words on paper!

I love composing and sharing in a group. It’s a vulnerable moment to read one’s work, and perhaps receive feedback. But it’s so worth it. Growth guaranteed, both as a writer and a human being!

Common Questions

You can send me a message via the form on the “contact” page, or an email. We’ll chat on the phone about the nuts and bolts such as the occasion for your booking, specific wishes regarding topics, duration, number of participants, and much more!

We chat in advance if there is something sepcific you’re looking for. For the Renaissance workshops, I suggest a schedule, give an introductory talk and a few hands-on exercises with paper folding and book printing. Then it’s question time! For the creative writing workshops, we work on your text or do exercises I suggest.

For the Renaissance workshop I come to your home at no added costs. For the creative writing workshop, you coem to my home. Zoom is also possible for both.

I’ve studied for seven years, and worked for 5 years at the university as a tutor and researcher. I’ve given plenty of talks and workshops on Renaissance literature and creative writing to specialised and non-specialised audiences, from 14 years of age to 84! 

The sessions are donation based. Get in touch for a customised suggestion depending on length and content. For the Renaissance workshop, a suggested donation is 40 Euro per hour. For an individual creative writing session, a suggested donation is 30 Euro per hour, and for a group writing session, a suggested donation is 10 Euro per person from 3 participants onwards.

We can re-schedule or cancel up to 24 hours prior to the event without any added costs. Re-scheduling or cancelling less than 24 hours before will incur a fee of 20% of the agreed-upon donation.