ma(r)king time It’s the end of April and technically, it’s supposed to be a time for planting and growing seeds into seedlings, in order to see them flourish into proud young plants in the merry month of May. Sure, April was always going to be moody and fickle, offering us sun, rain, hail, thunder, snow, […]


book rec klaxon! It’s dreamy, it’s gorgeous, and it’s precisely what you need if you’re feeling like slowing down and taking it all in quietly. What “it” is? I have no idea, but it’s there anyway. It’s Plainsong by Kent Haruf. A dear friend came to visit me last month (looking at you, stranger!), and she […]

Still Library Isolated: Another Punctuation Book Review 

still library isolated: another punctuation book review Libraries are open now, that is, you can go pick up pre-ordered books. I live a little out of town, so I’m just getting my long list ready, and when the day comes to cycle a few tens of kilometres and I pick up my darlings…I shall be […]

Splendid Isolation Book Two: Punctuation and Progress

As we continue social distancing from others and working at home in our pyjamas (welcome to the life of an academic), I’m continuing my punctuation book review with a handy little quarto by Norwegian media researcher Bard Bord Michalsen. Signs of Civilization: How Punctuation Changed History (2019) intrigued me for its provocative title. Apart from the inevitable […]