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*Podcast on Punctuation, 'Standing on Points: The History and Culture of Punctuation'


*Interview for BBC Free Thinking on punctuation, July 2021


*Interview for BBC Free Thinking in the context of the New Generation Thinker Scheme, 18 March 2020



*Interview with Amanda Vanstone of ABC Radio (Australia), ca 39 Minutes in, 12 October 2020



*Video conversation with Paul Hamilton on punctuation research, 24 September 2020



*A History of Punctuation in, 3 September 2020



* Pause and Effect: The Past and Future of Punctuation Marks in History Today, 24 January 2020 (re-published in Time online).



As editor for the writing platform for women and alumnae of Lucy Cavendish College Cambridge, Lucy Writers Platform, I welcome pitches on any issues related to the environment and post-graduate studies.



* All the Names of Green: Days at Lake Geneva, published in Shanti Arts, 1 June 2019.



* 'Every Tree has a Personality': Reflections on Radical Environmentalist Wangari Maathai

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* Women in Shakespeare's Plays: Two entries for the Women are Boring blog on women's research

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* Grendel's Grammar: Guest entry for the Cambridge What literature knows about your brain blog

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* Music, Language, and Earworms: Guest entry for What literature knows about your brain blog

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* Digitisation and its Discontents: Blog entry for Cambridge Nautilus edition on technology and the environment. Read more here.











* An Art Beyond All Arts, to Make a Bad Wife Good, forthcoming in 2020-21.


(Translation and edition of an early modern German version of The Taming of the Shrew, to be published with Arden Shakespeare, in cooperation with Lukas Erne. For more on the project, click here.) 





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